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School Uniform

Uniform is mandatory for both teachers and students. Teachers should wear an exclusively designed purdah as uniform. Uniform is mandatory for all school functions and class room activities.

The governing body has decided seperate uniform for IPS-I and IPS-II. The name of the school and the emblem of Albirr should be stitched on the right pocket of the shirt. Every student must wear photo identity card in the class room.

School Admission

Admission will be given to children who have completed three years of age. The course will be conducted as IPS-I for the first year and IPS–II for the second year and each batch will have 20 students. Application for admission should be submitted in prescribed form.

Our Fests And Tests

To boost the extracurricular skills of the students, School level ' Albirr Kids Fest' is conducted in December followed by district level fest for those qualified from School fests. Class wise talent search is done in January. A sports meet at School level will also be conducted in the month of December.

Salary And Fees

Teachers who have successfully completed the training conducted by Al Birr will be given posting. All managements will give salary and increments as decided by the board. The management can only receive the fees as decided by the governing body. Fees should be collected in three instalments only. Those institutions who wish to engage vehicle services should strictly adhere to the rules given by the concerned authorities.

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